Discount auto insurance Florida

Have a Car?  Get it Insured!

Driving in Florida means you need auto insurance.  Considering how many tourists come to Florida every year, you’ll be driving around a lot of people who aren’t quite sure where they’re going.  And if they are too busy looking for a landmark that points them in the direction of their favorite theme park or vacation spot, they might just be too busy to notice what is going on around them.

And that’s when trouble strikes.  In this case, trouble means a motor vehicle accident with an out-of-state or possibly foreign driver; which means, you need auto insurance and you need it right now.

How much coverage do you need?  How much will it cost?  Which company should you go with?

Budget It

If you’re on a budget, there is discount auto insurance in Florida from  It may be a low premium policy that has a high deductible, or it may be a discount auto insurance company.

Make sure when you’re comparing insurance companies, you don’t just look at price.  Cheap insurance may be tempting, but when it comes time to pay on a claim from an accident, you want to make sure you’re covered.

Cover It

Start by deciding on coverage level.  If you have a monthly car payment, you more than likely need a full-coverage policy.  This can be expensive, but a quick Google search for “discount auto insurance Florida” can yield a list of companies that include State Farm and Esurance.

On the other hand, you can get away with a simple liability policy if you own your auto outright.  But make sure you understand your policy coverage level, so if you get in an accident, you know whether or not it’s going to pay.

To Internet or Not to Internet?

Now, you can easily get an online quote, but sometimes you need the personal touch of an agent.  Local auto insurance agents can help you navigate local laws regarding coverage levels, and how to navigate immediate costs versus delayed costs.

An example of an immediate cost is your monthly premium.  If you can afford to pay an entire year’s worth of insurance right away, you will usually pay a discounted rate.  The more times the insurance company has to process a payment, the higher the rate will be.  So a quarterly payment will save you money versus a monthly payment and a single, annual payment will save you the most.

Delayed costs include deductible amounts.  In the event of an accident, the insurance company will pay the claim minus the deductible amount; which means, before the car gets fixed, you will be writing a check to the body shop.  How much out of pocket can you afford?  That’s a big question.

Before you run out and base your entire insurance decision on the search for discount auto insurance in Florida, keep in mind your financial situation.  Look for a policy that will balance your immediate and your future needs.

Talk to your friends and family to find out who they use.  Talk to your bank and see if they have a required level of coverage.  Most importantly, really ask questions and understand what the different policies cover.  One day, you may need to use it.